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Versio2 helps small and medium-sized companies adopt online marketing as a smart and efficient way of doing business by successfully engaging their audiences through all online channels to achieve company business, sales, and marketing goals with guaranteed results.

Lead Generation & Conversion

Marketing Automation

Business Growth-Driven

Scale Your Sales & Marketing Without Hiring

Marketing Resources using Our In-House Skills…

Get more out of your marketing spend without extra work. Gain experience in content creation, amrketing automation, and leveraging your social presence, while we help you bring the knowledge in-house over time keeping to your budget and timeline.

…for More Cost-Effective and Better Results

Use our experience in marketing strategy, sales enablement, responsive, data-driven web design, content creation, and results-oriented campaign execution. Deploy these critical resources in our highly targeted campaigns for remarkable results.

Leverage Our Deep Experience with the Versio2 Team

Our multi-disciplinary, multilingual team services clients for a broad range of online marketing needs from strategy, online branding and asset setup to content creation, design, development, and project management.

Are We a Good Fit for Your Needs?

We specialize in small to medium sized businesses and start-ups. Our vertical market experience gets you a running start to globalize and grow your business. We are as passionate about getting you business results as
our clients are about working with us. See how well our agency fits your profile and needs.

If you are…
  • – a business with a yearly turnover of at least three million or a well-financed start-up
  • – a B2B or complex B2C technology or professional services company
  • – ready to commit resources to the most effective online methods
  • – a marketing agency looking for delivery and development support
If you want…
  • – to build markets or launch products in Europe or North America
  • – to generate more qualified leads and build a predictable sales pipeline
  • – to gain on competitors and consistently grow your business
  • – to move from traditional marketing to an online methodology

Successful Long-Term Client Partnerships

We partner with companies who inspire us, believe in the power of online marketing
and want to experience excellent results over time. We believe in shared
objectives, mutual trust, and an engagement beyond the ordinary.

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Julien Renaud
Julien Renaud, Senior Partner

Julien is located in Lausanne, Switzerland. He is always curious and loves to connect with people to discuss projects, answer questions, and find good ways to address business, sales, and marketing issues.

Stephan Burckhardt
Stephan Burckhardt, Senior Partner

Stephan is located in Greater Vancouver, Canada. He loves to find effective solutions to address the business and marketing goals of his clients. He’s easy going, flexible, and willing to help where he can.

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