img_4515-smallSince returning from North America last year, I’m impressed to see how Swiss businesses continue to be highly successful on the world markets and often need little to no marketing. Some of them rely solely on word-of-mouth referrals and can barely keep up with demand − a nice problem to have indeed. Not all firms are in this comfortable position, however, the present being no guarantee for the future. Markets will continue to become more competitive, consumers more demanding, and your competition more sophisticated in reaching them.

Online marketing is an effective lean business strategy for connecting with an ever-widening circle of customers and new markets. Today’s most advanced methodologies consist in far more than setting up a Facebook presence, sending out the occasional email blast, or engaging an SEO/SEM agency.

Written for company executives, my just released Executive Guide to Online Marketing − A Lean Business Perspective is a fully researched and illustrated 48-page e-book that addresses some of the key business and marketing questions top managers are asking themselves today.

  • Are you quick enough to market, cost-competitive, and running a lean business?
  • How can lean marketing help you gain an edge over your competition?
  • Can you get more business online through social media and online marketing?
  • How do you effectively reach new customers, increase your profile and grow sales?
  • What does the research show, what are the metrics, and what is the cost / benefit?

In the Executive Guide I cover the following topics:

  • Marketing return-on-investment (ROI)
  • Sales and marketing integration and CRM
  • Leveraging traditional marketing online
  • Social media, content and email marketing
  • Lead capturing, nurturing and conversion
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) today
  • Integrated online marketing strategy

Inbound marketing has been hugely successful in English-speaking markets and is gaining its first Swiss adopters. Proven to be 62% less expensive per new lead than traditional methods, it achieves a marketing-return-on-investment of 200% in its first year (HubSpot study among thousands of businesses), and is being successfully applied by tens of thousands of growing business worldwide. The Versio2 Starter Pack is a great way for companies to give inbound marketing a try. It is designed to get you going quickly and show results in increased website traffic and leads in only three months.

The hub for a company’s online presence is its website, from which many top managers now want more performance and better business results. Versio2 creates an online sales process on its clients’ websites and deploys the most advanced web technology for an online brand experience that can be customised according to where the user is in the buying process.

Advanced Versio2 Website

Versio2 has recently launched its new website that is based on this advanced system showing a slightly different home page to our leads (named visitors) segmented according to their interests and needs.

Find out more about this advanced CMS (Content Management System), the recently released HubSpot COS (Content Optimization System) in our Website Pack and how it can advance your marketing to a whole new level. If you are considering a new site or a major site upgrade, as we have just completed over the summer, you may also like our free e-book 53 Brilliant Home Page Designs as a design inspiration.

Lean Marketing Webinars: Get More Business Online

Due to changes in consumer behaviour, marketing budgets are increasingly shifting from traditional, outbound techniques to online. Early adopter businesses stand to benefit by implementing such methodologies now and claiming the first-to-market position that often translates into dominant market share and leadership. Watch a recorded version of our webinar from November 20, to find out what the buzz is about lean business and inbound marketing, and how it can help make you a market leader.

The early Apple evangelist and well-known author of many books, including How to Drive Your Competition Crazy and the go-to entrepreneurial bible The Art of the Start, Guy Kawasaki, put it simply and perfectly:

If you have more brains than money, you should focus on inbound marketing. If you have more money than brains, you should focus on outbound marketing.


stephan_burckhardt_versio2Stephan Burckhardt
– author of the Executive Guide to Online Marketing – A Lean Business Perspective – ran, owned and sold a CHF12 million Swiss communications business, consulted startups as well as mature companies in Silicon Valley and Switzerland for a couple of decades, and developed countless off- and online communications solutions for six of the top ten Swiss brands and six of the top ten pharmaceutical companies worldwide. 
He is a mentor for the MBA program at the University of Victoria’s Gustavson School of Business and has completed executive education at Stanford GSB and INSEAD.

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Stephan Burckhardt

This marketing vet is based in Greater Vancouver, Canada. He has worked in B2B marketing in Silicon Valley and Europe, was CEO of a large agency serving B2B startups, trans-nationals, and everything in between. Focus: technology, healthcare, professional services.
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