Social media are constantly evolving and the platforms are changing along with how their company pages are specified. To help you find your way, we have published the third edition of our internet marketing guide to social page specifications. The 2016 update shows the most important aspects of your social media presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, described in detail in the free download ebook. This is the third and most recent edition Versio2 has published on this topic.

In order for marketers to be on the right side of social media, first address such important basics as:

  • Branding: review, update (if necessary), and apply your corporate identity to all social channels
  • Personas: write out and use a detailed description of your target persona(s) to guide the use of imagery, copy and color (see our persona resources), an important element of online marketing tactics
  • Images: the new Twitter specifications that will get a lot more clicks on your tweets plus suggestions for free creation platforms and more

…and remember this (but you already knew that):


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The detailed downloadable guide contains specifications and illustrations for all key areas of your company pages, such as:

  • Profile and cover image incl. formats
  • Headline and copy length
  • Tabs and profile updates
  • Pins and CTAs (Call-to-Action)
  • Bio / About and comments
  • Ad and sponsored stories specs
  • Facebook advertising facts

Setting up your pages for optimum performance is one of the important principles of internet marketing. Start by collecting the necessary inside information, such as your corporate identity guidelines (logo, font & color set), strong images of the right format, orientation and quality to fit your brand, and relevant copy that is informative without being sales-y.

The Twitter page below is neutral, and you can tell that at HubSpot in Cambridge, Mass, it’s still winter. You bet an alert marketer is updating this company page on a regular basis.


Here are some pointers to make the best possible pages for your company:

  • Find striking and unique visuals
  • Include short explanatory phrases in your headers using keywords
  • Update your images, headlines, and copy periodically

Social media are a must for a comprehensive inbound marketing and sales process. When your visitor is attracted by your content, engages on social, and lands on useful areas of your website, they are likely to convert from visitor to lead and become an asset in your marketing campaigns.

Make it happen with your new company page. Make yourself and your manager proud!

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