Website design is coming of age as marketers and managers realize that the current model is broken. Growth-Driven Design (GDD) offers a new, agile approach that guarantees business results through its continuous improvement model. This enables it to be fast in delivery and readily adaptable to user needs. Versio2 presented this methodology at a recent Hubspot Users Group (HUG) meeting in Vancouver, B.C.  and at the 7th annual Social Media Camp conference in Victoria.

Take a peek in the slide deck below to see what drives this revolutionary approach to data-driven websites and their re-design. Considerably more detail can be found in the just released ebook on the subject.

Here are some of the most important elements of this methodology as outlined in the presentation:

  • Growth-Driven Design puts the user at its center instead of the business, its products and features.
  • Built on the foundation of a solid strategy, the new “launchpad” site is focused on the elements that create the most impact (using the 80/20 rule) and launched quickly.
  • The ensuing continuous improvement process involves cycles of planning, building, testing and, learning that touch all relevant aspects of the site.
  • Areas that are addressed in this process range from building audience and assets, to conversion rate optimization (CRO), usability (UX) and stickiness.
  • Much attention is focused on such key business drivers as sales funnel metrics, the lead conversion process, and other critical online marketing issues.

Take-Aways for Your Website (Re-)Design

Some of the main reasons why this approach is so attractive to website owners are that it’s agile, user-focused, and faster to revenue. It also breaks this often daunting process down into manageable, bite-size chunks based on actionable data, tested and proven with real users in the field.


Too many website projects end up over budget, out of scope, and late. Who wants this kind of frustrating experience ever again? Marketers are well advised to take up a new way of tackling this process, pitching its advantages to management, and relieving both themselves and the business from the significant burden in resources such projects normally demand.

Versio2 is among the first GDD certified agencies worldwide with this new Hubspot stamp of approval only released to the public in early June 2016. Download the ebook if you want to know more about Growth-Driven Design, Websites That Drive Business Growth™.

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