iam-care_logoIAM-CARE embraced the power of lean marketing for the launch of its innovative online healthcare platform for dementia and Alzheimer’s caregivers in the US market. To generate results quickly, the Swiss startup engaged Versio2 for a three-month inbound marketing launch campaign to build awareness, website visits, leads and beta test members. The results and insights are outlined in this case study.

A Lean Marketing Launch Plan

iamCare AG is a Zurich-based startup founded by pioneers and opinion-leaders in the fields of neuroscience, dementia and technology. By combining in-depth clinical expertise and innovative technology know-how, the company has developed the first comprehensive healthcare platform for dementia and Alzheimer’s, IAM-CARE Dementia.

Before the inbound marketing campaign began, Versio2 delivered a Strategy Pack to build a solid go-to-market strategy for the launch. During the one-month process, Versio2 partners worked closely with IAM-CARE top management to develop an effective lean marketing plan, review the buying process, define buyer personas, develop a content strategy, research keywords and map out the lead segmentation approach using HubSpot cloud-based marketing automation.

Here is what Dr. Jordan McAfoose, Co-founder imCare AG, says about his work with Versio2 and Inbound Marketing:

“In today’s digital world, with added economic pressures, the demand on entrepreneurs and businesses to run lean organizations has never been greater. For a technology startup, like ourselves, rapid development cycles and continuous product/market releases necessitate that we apply a similarly lean marketing approach that cuts down traditional advertising waste and maximizes high-impact/cost-effective inbound marketing tactics.

Having just completed the strategic phase with Versio2 we have found their process very thorough, professional and effective. We are now launching across North America, the U.K. and soon the DACH region with a comprehensive set of precisely targeted online activities.”

Buyer Persona Focus

One of the keys to a successful inbound marketing program is to focus content on a given buyer persona’s needs, goals and challenges. Versio2 prioritised the three-month content plan on the most relevant persona, whom we called Melody as the main caregiver of the ‘The Concerned Family’. All content in the campaign addressed the goals and challenges of Melody, while aiming to empower her by educating, sharing knowledge and furthering her understanding of the conditions affecting the life of her loved one.

Premium Content eBook

Versio2 also authored a comprehensive eBook, You and Your Family: An Empowered Approach to Dementia, to generate and capture leads (named contacts) and further educate IAM-CARE target audiences. The eBook generated 45 downloads and an exceptional visit-to-lead conversion rate of 41% within the first two weeks of its launch.

Landing Pages

As part of the package, landing pages captured leads from the eBook download, beta invitation requests and partner referrals from highly reputable organisations such as the Mayo Clinic and Alzheimer’s Disease International. Landing pages are designed to capture the name and email address of caregivers as well as to segment leads, people with dementia, family members, or other interested parties. See the top three landing pages for October below.

Typical landing page conversion rates are 20%.
The IAM-CARE launch phase far exceeded this benchmark with an average above 30%.

Inbound marketing generated more than 200 qualified leads in September and October

Workflows and Automated Email Marketing

Several workflows were set up in the HubSpot all-in-one marketing platform creating a series of automated actions that are triggered based on a lead’s behaviour or contact information. Their purpose was to automatically move leads into pre-determined customer lifecycle stages and trigger email lead nurturing campaigns that move them along the online sales process (sales funnel).

For example, when a lead registers an account on the IAM-CARE website, the lifecycle stage in HubSpot automatically changes from Lead to Marketing Qualified Lead and the corresponding lead nurturing email campaign is triggered. The aim of lead nurturing emails is to move the lead down the funnel with the goal of getting the contact to sign up for a full IAM-CARE Health account (in this case defined as customer).

Sales funnel with lifecycle stages

October results of lead nurturing campaign #2 of 5.
15 of the 133 leads that started the campaign converted to become customers.

Social Media Community Management

Versio2 set-up the IAM-CARE social media presence by branding accounts for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well as creating social monitoring streams on HubSpot. A community manager monitored industry conversations and engaged with the community on a regular basis. Additional emphasis was placed on Twitter activity depending on where a lead was in the customer lifecycle using a unique feature of the advanced HubSpot Social Inbox tool.

IAM-CARE social media traffic grew 185% from September to October largely due to the consistent engagement with the community and sharing of content (both IAM-CARE blog articles and third party content). Other notable successes include month-overmonth growth in total marketing reach by 141% and leads by 347%

Growth of monthly website visits from social media


Social media visits, leads and customers by channel generated in October

Conclusions & Overall Results

Inbound marketing has been successful at generating results quickly, speeding up time-to-market and integrating all of IAM-CARE digital activities under one lean marketing strategy. Using lean startup practices, IAM-CARE was able to generate real data, leads and traffic growth, as well as customer feedback it can use for an agile improvement of its product and marketing efforts.

Visits, Leads and Cutstomer results for October including MoM growth


Here again Dr. McAfoose on working with Versio2 and inbound marketing:

“The Versio2 lean marketing process is simply the best and a ‘must have’ for all organizations to remain competitive. These guys are always a step ahead and I’m continually impressed by their work. I can recommend their team to anyone looking for the most effective methods to market and sell online.”

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