It should come as no surprise by now that online video marketing has become a vital factor to any brand’s content marketing strategy.

Simply put: video is the ultimate form of social media, as it can be one of the most effective ways of enhancing your social media marketing, yet social video is often one of the most overlooked forms of online marketing.

Whether you aren’t sure about the process of making videos yourself, or find making them to be a daunting task, nearly any business can produce quality videos for promoting a brand’s products and services, even with the smallest of budgets. Your target audiences will engage longer and with more enthusiasm with video than any other medium.

Please view and download our infographic below for an in-depth look at what the four video platforms have to offer your business and how they are best used.


Infographic starter guide on social video covers the four top video channels

While we only have to take a look at a few statistics to know that social media video can be a very powerful form of content, it’s also important to note that video needs to be paired with other digital activities such as social media, email, or organic search in order to increase click-through rates, make sure users land on the page most useful to them, and encourage engagement on a variety of platforms.

What Social Video Channel to Use: YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram or Vine?

The social video infographic visualises information about the following:

  • Key statistics on all four channels
  • Some history & usage information
  • Features
  • Application areas
  • Best practices
  • Industries best suited
  • B2B vs. B2C

Without a doubt, online video has grown to become a huge business, and the demand for this kind of content is only expected to continue growing. By the year 2016, it is estimated that 55% of all internet traffic will be from video. So, get on the social video bandwagon today and find out which platform is best for your business.

For an example for an inexpensive and effective video, see the Versio2 home page (also hosted on a number of social channels).

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