Online marketing and LinkedIn expert Sarah Santacroce has helped dozens of small businesses and solopreneurs in the US and Switzerland develop their authority and improve their visibility online

with content and social media marketing.

Sarah helps her clients transform their LinkedIn presence into a proactive social selling tool that allows them to get found easier, drive traffic to their website, and capture leads.

In this interview, Sarah shares her story on how she got started with LinkedIn and why she saw early on that it was a better suited social channel to bring measurable results for her clients’ businesses.

” LinkedIn provides more opportunities for small businesses to stand out. Facebook became a victim of their own success … now there is too much content being shared and most of the time it’s not very valuable.”

Our discussion covers many aspects about LinkedIn and inbound marketing for small and medium size businesses. We discuss how LinkedIn is the perfect tool for social selling, different tips and strategies on integrating LinkedIn into your inbound marketing strategy and the latest trends and tools. See the full interview below.

Find out how to leverage LinkedIn for your small business:

  • How to transform your LinkedIn profile into a mini-website and gateway to your website
  • How to use LinkedIn to help increase authority, visibility and leads
  • The passive vs proactive approach of social selling with LinkedIn
  • The difference between the personal profile and business page
  • LinkedIn tools that enable better engagement with your community
  • Most common mistakes that people make on LinkedIn
  • Tips on how the busy professional can engage on LinkedIn in just 10 minutes a day
  • Advertising on LinkedIn

You can find out more about Sarah on her website and if you are interested in finding out how you too can leverage your business with LinkedIn you can participate in Sarah’s 21 day LinkedIn Challenge that starts June 1st.

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