Content for Increasing Traffic and Leads

Brillantmont International School in Lausanne, Switzerland, had clear marketing objectives: increase reach and brand visibility on social media, bring more visitors to the website and enroll the best candidates in the day and boarding school. Starting with not even a Facebook page almost four years ago, the client started building an online presence through inbound marketing, which proved to be the ideal solution for the respected private school.  The Versio2 strategy enabled the client to increase its yearly intake of students while reducing traditional marketing cost on advertising, trade events, and commissions to educational agencies around the globe.


The strategy phase identified eight target audiences of prospects and influencers. Covering all aspects of the online sales funnel methodology, the program included social media and community management, content creation (blog articles, videos and white papers), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), campaign offers and landing pages, graphical Call-to-Actions (CTAs), lead capture forms, lead nurturing with email automation, and monthly newsletters.

Content Creation for Higher Engagement

In order to engage its personas and keep them coming back as they moved from visitors to leads to serious prospects, the school needed suitable content. Versio2 has been regularly creating content over the past years including:

  • Main blog articles
  • Student blog articles
  • Guest blogs White papers
  • Video slideshows
  • eNewsletters

Regular content is the driving force behind inbound marketing, encouraging social sharing as well as providing fresh, keyword-optimized pages. Versio2 wrote four monthly blog articles, as well as two pieces of advanced content per year such as ebooks or slideshows, all of which were syndicated across social media.

Versio2 provided content planning, management and upload, art direction, social media syndication, SEO, imagery, Calls-to-Action (CTAs), plus copywriting. The agency also helped set up a second blog for use by the school’s Journalism Club, managed independently by staff and students, thereby adding further content, indexed pages and attracting more visitors to the website.


2015 Summer Campaign with 1400% ROI

A yearly promotion of the Brillantmont summer course is designed to encourage students of other schools to attend language study programs at its campus. In 2015, this 3 month-long campaign yielded an exceptional return on investment (ROI) on its marketing spend. Based on publishing several persona-centered blog articles, Social media management, Facebook advertising, more than 10,000 visitors viewed the associated CTAs with 1700 views of landing pages that created 123 new leads and nine customers, exceeding client goals by 125%.

What this targeted campaign showed in terms of leads is a typical result of sustained inbound marketing. A 2014 MIT study of almost 2000 marketing automation users shows that inbound marketing increases leads three times in six months, six times in twelve, and 24 times in two years. The 3+ years that Versio2 has been working with the school in continously publising over 200 keyword optimized blog articles has helped with the results.

Double Website Traffic in First 4 Months

Traffic to the website doubled in the first four months of the inbound program in 2011 through the combined effect of eight sources of visitors including organic search and email marketing. Direct traffic and social media referrals – the two most impressive sources individually – saw a rise of 85% and 230% respectively in the second year.

Efforts to market the blog, website, and landing pages, build inbound links, and keyword optimized content clearly payed off.

Jump in Social Engagement

The program focused on four social channels – Facebook for reach and community engagement; Twitter for fast syndication; LinkedIn for mature, professional audiences; and YouTube for video sharing. Brillantmont had no social media presence before, so Versio2 set up branded pages on the four networks.

Community management was an important aspect of the first year with engagement steadily increasing, especially on Facebook. Current and prospective students as well as alumni frequently commented on, liked, and shared the school’s postings. One Facebook image alone generated almost 1000 impressions.

12-Fold Lead Increase in One Year

New CTAs were added throughout the main website in 2013, which had a significant effect on the number of new marketing contacts generated by landing page offers. The institution averaged twelve times as many new leads per month compared to the previous year. Over half of these were “marketing-qualified” and ready to enter the sales phase.

The first white paper, A Levels Compared to the International Baccalaureate, has been particularly successful with a 19% conversion rate in the first year. The client commented as follows about her work with Versio2 and Inbound Marketing:

“Versio2 helped define a strong online marketing strategy for us with the ultimate goal of increasing the number of school applicants coming from our website. To date, we have received many application requests and queries from our site each month, several of whom will join our school in the next school year. My team is always very quick to respond to any questions I have… and very helpful in sharing its knowledge and making the digital marketing learning curve less daunting. The agency has become an invaluable extension to our school’s marketing team, and I would highly recommend their services.”

– Sarah Frei, Head of Marketing, Brillantmont International School

TAKE-AWAY CONCLUSIONSThis case study demonstrates both the effectiveness and flexibility of the inbound marketing methodology. The combination of social media, content creation, email marketing, and other elements has proven highly efficient in fulfilling marketing objectives. These were not only quantitative, but also created an active community of students, alumni, parents, and staff.

Traffic continues to increase substantially, which is key to generating more leads now and well into the future. The ultimate measure of success however is the return-on-investment (ROI) of 560% that was achieved in the first year and that of 1400% of the most recent campaign.

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