Speed and Flexibility

Cloud-based CRM solution provider Update Software (Austria) needed a new, responsive enterprise website. The challenges the project presented in the RFI document were:

  • Strict launch deadline of four months from signed contract with absolute budget cap
  • 400+ page site in English, German and French
  • A responsive, marketing-ready website built on HubSpot COS
  • Strategy, design and development under one roof
  • Flexible templates to be easily adapted to market and corporate needs

While a number of agencies competed in the exacting selection process, the client chose Versio2 due to its multilingual experience combined with in-house development capability and competitive pricing.



Meeting Strategic & Multilingual Demands

The website strategy included competitive research, persona development, identifying market influencers, competitive benchmarking, SWOT analysis, mapping the customer journey, website architecture, and KPI goal setting. The agency services included:

  • Strategy delivery in three workshops with client marketing & sales team
  • Built-in language detection through browser-default language & geo-location
  • Comprehensive testing on all mobile devices
  • Parallel design & content preparation with coaching for short delivery Use of custom content modules that can be moved on each template

Execution of Responsive Website

Multilingual sites not only require extra budget but create a time-consuming need to translate, adapt, and present new content. Content upload was facilitated by training in the HubSpot environment (provided by Hoi Moon Marketing) and creating formatting guidelines and processes.

Although the HubSpot COS environment is currently not designed for multilingual capability as some WordPress plugins are (e.g. WPML plugin ), Versio2 provided a work-around with the responsive view of the site featuring mega-menus with custom navigation.

Some of the aspects that had to be considered for the project and the ensuing solutions were:

  • Content preparation for optimal upload efficiency of 400+ pages
  • Training in HubSpot COS website platform
  • Source language (German), translation & approval process
  • Optimization & testing of responsive view
  • Timing of template deployment & phased content upload

Growth-Driven Design Meets Corporate Transition

Budget control, timeline adherence, and flexibility were givens from the start. When the client was unexpectedly acquired by Aurea FZ prior to development, we switched from a fixed-price to a Growth-Driven Design model so we could adapt the site quickly as corporate and market needs changed.

Instead of the usual build-and-deploy strategy, a continuous improvement model allowed for the first iteration to be live more quickly.

Also, upgrades and extensions can be based on data such as where traffic is coming from, what type of content is generating the most conversions, or which pages create the most engagement, increasing visitors, leads, and new business.

Following a scrum approach, Versio2 built new features and delivered website adaptations on an agreed-upon iterative and agile plan. Weekly meetings with the client allowed for the prioritization of new features and updates, review of recently built features ready for deployment and budget approval.



Eight Month Inbound Marketing Results

Branded landing pages and email templates were designed and built into the HubSpot COS and readied in time for the launch together with the site pages and offers for download. Update CRM then used the full set of tools and advanced analytics available in its enterprise license with the following results:

  • HubSpot Enterprise lived up to expectations with great performance.
  • It provides the best usability by far of any other marketing tool the client has seen.
  • Its monthly new feature and product updates proved exceptionally useful.

With full transparency, the agile development approach enabled both the client and agency to work more efficiently than the traditional waterfall (sequential) method of building websites.

Here’s what our client had to say about the work of the agency:

“Versio2 took the time up front to develop personas so we could best create and target smart content to our users. I liked the mixture of consultation and technical implementation Versio2 was able to provide. What we had going was not just a blog but a complex enterprise website in multiple languages, which Versio2 executed very well. Additionally, it is great fun working with these guys.”

– Alexander Kager, Online Marketing Coordinator
update Software AG, Austria

The project showed the HubSpot COS website development environment to be powerful with its responsive design capability and the flexibility of building complex features that integrated seamlessly with the built-in marketing functionality of the HubSpot platform.

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