b181In recent years, e-commerce giants such as Amazon, eBay, Netflix, and others have revolutionised online sales by creating personalised interfaces that adapt to their customers’ unique interests, all with great success. In fact, personalisation has been found to increase conversions byas much as 70 percent. Thanks to Smart Content from HubSpot, now even small companies can maximise their marketing potential with targeted communications and personalised content.

What is Personalisation and How Does it Work?

In the e-commerce world, personalisation means shortening the distance between a customer and something he or she wants.[1] At its best, personalised content succeeds because it allows companies to present customers with products and services they want, even before they know they want them.

Consider the example of Jane. On Monday, Jane starts daydreaming about her next holiday and browses through Amazon’s travel book section, lingering on travel guides for South America. When Jane visits Amazon again on Tuesday, she is automatically greeted with a personalised list of similar items related to her interest in travel. She settles quickly on a guidebook for Peru—and, thanks to Amazon’s targeted suggestions, she also buys some new travel power adapters, a Spanish language phrase book, and an inflatable pillow for the long flight. In other words, Jane’s total purchases have increased dramatically, all from the power of personalisation.

How Does HubSpot Create a Personalised Experience for Your Visitors?

HubSpot Smart Content is designed to make your marketing process as efficient as possible—both for you and your customers. As we wrote last week, the unique Content Optimisation System (COS) from HubSpot integrates your content with your contact lists, workflow, and marketing goals. By meticulously tracking your visitors and creating detailed profiles based on their activities and information, HubSpot creates Smart Content that’s tailored uniquely to them. The result is a powerfully flexible website that can adapt itself to your individual customers’ interests and needs.

Imagine two very different potential customers visiting your B2B website on the same day: John and Bernadette. As a first time visitor, John will see a Smart Call-to-Action (CTA) button that encourages new visitors to sign up for your newsletter in exchange for a free ebook. He’ll fill out a contact form, and HubSpot will promptly store and categorise his information as a new lead.

Bernadette, on the other hand, has been to your site five times before. Rather than showing her the same page that John sees, the HubSpot COS automatically recognises her and adapts itself. This time, a personalised landing page greets Bernadette by name, and a Smart CTA offers her services directly related to a recent webinar she attended. Bernadette clicks on a link for more information, and Smart Fields – another HubSpot COS innovation – ask her entirely new questions designed to gather more valuable facts about her as a lead. And from this new data, one of your sales associates can contact her with an offer related to an area they already know she’s interested in—which significantly increases the chances that she’ll be receptive.

John and Bernadette are just two examples of the infinite possibilities that the HubSpot COS can create based on a visitor’s behaviour, location, customer persona, and more. Ultimately, Smart Content allows you to make the most of your customers’ valuable time by targeting them with the content that appeals to them the most. Your customer has a more productive and fulfilling visit to your site, and you have the ability to generate and convert leads more easily than ever.

QUESTION: Is personalised content the future of marketing for SMEs?

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[1] Charlie Reverte. Personalization Innovators: Amazon, Netflix, and Yahoo!, August 2013

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