Dr. Urs Gattiker, CEO of CyTRAP Labswho also likes to go under his personal brand “DrKPI”, talks about his two books on Social Media Audits in our “Lean Marketing” video interview.

As the KPI brand indicates (Key Performance Indicators), it is not enough to collect social media data, but the numbers need to be analysed, understood and set against business KPIs to become truly meaningful.

Social Media Audit & Content: the Interview

In this “Lean Marketing Experience” video interview conducted by Versio2 Managing Partner Stephan Burckhardt, Gattiker addresses the following topics:

One of the main points Gattiker raises is that with just a few data points from social media, deep insights can be gained that have a direct impact on a company’s financial results. This not only makes the influence of social media transparent and measurable, but also turns it into a strategic instrument, which, if used properly, can lead to a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Check out our 30-minute interview right now. Another interview with Dr. Gattiker around the same topic areas is also be available in German.

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