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Don’t Let Facebook Force Its Email On You

UPDATE (July 2): The repercussions of Facebook's unwanted email changes are being felt far and wide, it seems, and with some very serious implications indeed. Work-related email addresses are changing without warning as Facebook-linked contact books update automatically, and there are reports of important emails going astray. Read more from CNET. Seemingly without warning, Facebook [...]
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Social Media Marketing And Sustainability: Seven Key Lessons

At a panel on social media and Corporate Social Responsibility held at the recent GLOBE conference in Vancouver, BC, social media was confirmed as an essential tool to leverage discussions on sustainability into broader audiences. Here are seven recommendations expert panelists from Microsoft, Treehuggers (the world’s leading green blog), and Dialog, one of Canada’s largest [...]
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The Biggest Changes To Social Media Marketing In 2012

What are the factors that will shape the way companies use social networks as Internet marketing platforms in the coming year? Timeline, mobile ad serving, Google Search+ and more. Read our guide to the biggest changes to Social Media Marketing in 2012 and make sure you’re ahead of the game. Jump to: Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Google+ Facebook Facebook is [...]