This just in….
On this Holiday Season, we are allowing ourselves to toot our own horn for a change:

Just in time for year end, our company has achieved Gold Partner status with HubSpot, which is a goal we have strived to achieve this year. This status comes with customer benefits…

Golden Benefits

The Versio2 gold-level partnership with HubSpot will help our clients in the following ways (review our HubSpot profile here).

1. High Level Customer Support

Versio2 customers will receive a high level of support from the agency. Gold partner agencies are given special attention by their inbound marketing partner and access to unique tools and benefits. This translates to superior agency knowledge, higher efficiency, and better performance for Versio2 clients who use the platform.

2. Access to Special Lead Gen Tools

Gold Partners have access to while label lead generation resources they can leverage for their customer brands as an integral part of their inbound campaigns.


3. Features on Inbound Insider Blog

Our agency will now be able to contribute on the widely read HubSpot Inbound Insider marketing blog using the agency’s industry knowledge and the experience with its customers behind it.

So the HubSpot Gold-level partnership status not only translates to higher credibility and visibility for Versio2 in its European and North American markets, but also translates to benefits that will be felt by its customers in the agency’s uniquely tailored and highly effective online marketing campaigns and programs.

We look forward to seeing you in 2015 and wish you a wonderful and golden Holiday Season.

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Stephan Burckhardt

This marketing vet is based in Greater Vancouver, Canada. He has worked in B2B marketing in Silicon Valley and Europe, was CEO of a large agency serving B2B startups, trans-nationals, and everything in between. Focus: technology, healthcare, professional services.
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