FIFA Master Alumni now has a new online presence, marking the end of another successful website project for the Versio2 team. The new site provides a portal for members of this prestigious organisation, with social media logins, a modern community and content management system, and the flexibility to add more functionality further in the future.

Drupal, the Content Management System (CMS) technology behind the new website, provides a more user-friendly front and back-end system, improving the experience for both alumni and site administrators. The industry-oriented, distinguished aesthetics are much improved too, incorporating simplified navigation within a more visual design.

The website fulfils FIFA’s need to give its members a modern networking platform – a hub for communication and information exchange. Registered members are able to access an alumni database, voting features, a documents library, and a news section.

FIFA has big plans for the portal, and thanks to Drupal’s scalability, a great deal is possible – from adding newsletter integration to an internal messaging system for a far more ‘social’ experience.

Visit fifama.org and then contact Versio2 to find out more about our website design services.

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