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There are many reasons why B2B such businesses are spending more online. They First of all, online marketing is particularly suited in B2B. Such companies have particularly long sales cycles, have more readily defined, often niche targets, and the services and products they sell are relatively complex requiring deep information until before a sale is completed. They can also involve many decision makers, which is rarely the case in B2C where some of the purchases are impulse or bargain buys based on discounts and promotions.

Another driving aspect is that increasing global competition and overcapacity forces companies to reach out to new markets and expend more resources in order to stay competitive. Companies that wish to grow have the unique opportunity offered through the internet to reach new, emerging markets and previously untouched customer segments while spending less through lean marketing methods.

An increasing number of B2B businesses are realising that branding and marketing are becoming important success factors for their business. Microsoft became rich and famous by realising this decades ago with its often weak technology, but very strong marketing. They have made billions with this business model, yet many other tech and B2B companiebusinesses still struggle to comprehend this and continue to be sceptical about marketing while their competition pulls ahead.

For B2B companies to be successful, their exponents need to exhibit a high level of industry expertise and opinion leadership. The web offers opportunities for creating and building authority in a given field through its many social platforms and ways to market a brand or company and its leaders. Developing thought leadership as an industry expert and long-term relationships with potential customers (leads) takes time. But yes, they are successfully formed online and across the globe every day using online marketing techniques.


stephan_burckhardt_versio2Stephan Burckhardt
, author of the Executive Guide to Online Marketing, was CEO and owner of a CHF 12 million Swiss communications agency and worked as a consultant for financial, technology, healthcare and other clients in North America and Switzerland.

He was a TV journalist and PR consultant in Silicon Valley, group manager at Trimedia, Zurich, and member of senior management at Landis & Gyr. He sees a great future for inbound marketing and is excited to pioneer this promising methodology in Switzerland.

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This marketing vet is based in Greater Vancouver, Canada. He has worked in B2B marketing in Silicon Valley and Europe, was CEO of a large agency serving B2B startups, trans-nationals, and everything in between. Focus: technology, healthcare, professional services.
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