b178-2It’s no secret that small and medium businesses (SMBs) can reap great benefits from integrated marketing platforms, which allow companies to align their messages across varied channels and automate their marketing workflows. We believe HubSpot – a pioneer of inbound and lean marketing – offers the best tools for a strong inbound campaign. Here are a few ways HubSpot outshines the competition by offering innovative solutions to some of the most common marketing challenges faced by many SMBs.

Challenge #1: Build a Website and Attract Visitors, Despite Limited Technical Expertise

Unlike many other available platforms, including leaders such as InfusionSoft and Optify[1], HubSpot includes a cutting-edge Content Optimisation System (COS) – its version of content management system (CMS) but designed with marketing in mind – that lets SMEs create websites, publish blog posts, integrate social media campaigns, and employ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques – all from the same, user-friendly platform. After the initial design, implementation and set up phase, no web design knowledge, programming expertise, or social media mastery is required on your part; HubSpot features clean, easy-to-use templates and simple cross-channel posting processes.

Performance-wise, HubSpot content can’t be beat. An independent study recently found that HubSpot websites load up to 35% faster than seven major content management systems. A high-performing site means a prospective lead is more likely to stick around, explore, and be tempted by your compelling Calls-to-Action (CTAs).

Challenge #2: Track, Target and Convert Leads More Effectively

Many marketing platforms streamline your workflow by consolidating your contact lists and then tracking and guiding your contacts through the marketing process. HubSpot stands out from the crowd by allowing you to not only track but target leads with optimized content, known as Smart Content. HubSpot’s Smart Content comes in a variety of forms and possibilities, all with the aim of tailoring your marketing approach to your individual customers’ needs.

For example, using the detailed data profiles that HubSpot creates for each unique contact or visitor, HubSpot’s Smart CTAs automatically adapt themselves to your potential customers’ goals and current position in the workflow. HubSpot even creates personalised landing pages that appeal to potential customers’ specific interests, based on the information you’ve gathered about them. You’ll be amazed at how positively your contacts respond to this approach, and you’ll quickly reap the rewards of increased lead conversions and repeat customers.

Challenge #3: Understand Your Successes and Maximize Your Limited Budget

As an SMB, your marketing resources are likely to be more limited, which means you can’t afford to blindly follow a marketing path at length without knowing you’re getting an adequate return on your investment. But how do you know if your recent Twitter posts are actually having an impact on your sales?

HubSpot’s Analytics tool automatically compiles extensive, comprehensive data so you can easily track all the components of your marketing strategy. This lets you test new strategies and modify your approach as often as you need. And because all aspects of your marketing workflow are managed through HubSpot, you can view a centralized picture of all your marketing channels at once and understand more fully how they work together.

In the end, it’s true that you could obtain many of HubSpot’s inbound marketing features separately through a combination of different tools and platforms. belivee me, we’ve been there and done that. It was not a pretty prcitre.

The HubSpot all-in-one closed loop marketing approach integrated with a new way to design websites (Growth-Driven Design) and sales enablement tools spares marketers the technical headaches and potentially high costs required to synthesize different, incompatible tools.

That translates into greater rewards with fewer resources, and the freedom to focus on the priorities that matter most to your business.

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Julien Renaud

Founding Partner - Julien molds client visions into well-defined digital solutions by applying the inbound marketing methodology. He started an online branding agency in 2005 working with several real estate companies and launching a large digital campaign for the City of New York.
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